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Rules and regulations

  • There are absolutely no criteria to become a member of IQ VA (age, experience, etc). Every applicant is accepted as long as the applicant is an IVAO active member.

  • New Pilots must submit their first PIREP within 15 days of the date of acceptance of  Their application. Those who do not will have their membership revoked, pilots shall fly a minimum of one flight per month.

  • All Pilots are initially assigned the rank of “Trainee” automatically. This rank can only be promoted by the increase of their flying hours. 

  • All flight must be done on IVAO network and PRIEPs must be sent using Smart Acars reporting software.

  • Pilots are free to use Whatever type they wish within IAW fleet (Airplanes that are not operated by the real IAW should not be used).

  • Pilots must follow the flight routes published by IAW VA at all times.

  • Three times overspeed leads to PIREP rejected.

  • Flights paused for over 1 min leads to PIREP rejected.

  • Reaching speed over 250 kn.  below 10000 feet for three times will leads to PIREP reject.

  • Maximum acceptable takeoff pitch angle not more than 14 degrees, and any PIREP that has an excessive take off pitch angle 15 degrees or morethan that will be rejected. 

  • Maximum acceptable landing rate is -700 fpm , any PIREP that has an excessive landing rate will be rejected . (Unless there was a reasonable excuse for this excessive landing rate - Pilots should write their explanation in the flight PIREP at the Remark section). Submitting too much PIREPs with an excessive landing rate could lead to a membership revoking/suspension. 

  • A maximum disconnection of 25 minutes on the network will be accepted due to Internet disconnection.

  • Any use of simulator acceleration will leads to rejected PIREP.

  • Flights COST INDEX depends on the type of Aircraft  as mentioned below:

                CRJ = 25

               A320, A321= 35

                 A330-200 = 45

              B737-800 = 35

              B777-200 = 50

              B767-200 = 45

              B747-400 = 50

  • Pilots should not book any flight if they are not sure of flying it within 24 hours.

  • Not following the rules above, membership may be revoked at any time by the CEO with whom this authority solely resides. IAW VA reserves the right to amend this Rules & Regulations at any time without notice and at its discretion and members agree to abide by its most recent version.

IAW VA team wishing you HAPPY FLIGHTS